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Kelly+Partners is a specialist chartered accounting network established in 2006 to provide a better service to private clients, private businesses and their owners, and Families.

The Kelly+Partners network has grown strongly as a result of the unique vision of its founders – a cohesive team of chartered accountants who are intensely focused on helping our clients manage their entire financial universe and solve their business issues.

Growing from two greenfield offices in North Sydney and the Central Coast, Kelly+Partners now consists of 22 operating businesses across 12 locations in Greater Sydney, plus Hong Kong, Auckland and Melbourne from 1 July 2018. In total, we have a team of almost 200 people, including 40 operating partners, who service over 5,300 SME clients.

Over the past 11 years, Kelly+Partners has partnered with numerous accounting firms and built many greenfield offices in order to create the existing network. Our proven ownership and operational structure is unique in the Australian accounting market. All offices contain on-the-ground Client Directors who are “owner-drivers” of their respective business in long-term partnership with the Kelly+Partners group.

Our operating structure ensures we are focused on:

  • careful selection of clients, primarily business owners, families, and large private clients
  • limiting the number and type of engagements we undertake, to ensure a thorough and efficient client service
  • having the scale to do the best work for our clients, while not losing the personal relationship
  • having the depth within the network to bring the right expertise to bear, in order to solve complex business issues
  • working together as a team, both internally and with our clients.

For more information, please visit the Kelly+Partners Group Holdings website.

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