The Kelly+Partners network has grown strongly as a result of the unique vision of its founders – a cohesive team of chartered accountants who are intensely focused on helping our clients manage their entire financial universe and solve their business issues. 

Growing from two greenfield offices in North Sydney and the Central Coast, Kelly+Partners now consists of 22 operating businesses across 12 locations in Greater Sydney, plus Hong Kong, Auckland and Melbourne from 1 July 2018. In total, we have a team of almost 200 people, including 40 operating partners, who service over 5,300 SME clients. Our holding company, Kelly Partners Group Holdings, was successfully listed on the ASX on 21 June 2017. 

Over the past 11 years, Kelly+Partners has partnered with numerous accounting firms and built many greenfield offices in order to create the existing network. Our proven ownership and operational structure is unique in the Australian accounting market. All offices contain on-the-ground Client Directors who are 'owner-drivers' of their respective business in long-term partnership with the Kelly Partners group.  

Our operating structure ensures we are focused on: 

  • careful selection of clients, primarily business owners, families, and large private clients
  • limiting the number and type of engagements we undertake, to ensure a thorough and efficient client service
  • focusing on matters that benefit from the experience and knowledge of our Client Directors
  • having the scale to do the best work for our clients, while not losing the personal relationship 
  • have the depth within the network to bring the right expertise to bear, in order to solve complex business issues
  • working together as a team, both internally and with our clients.

We offer broad technical expertise including:

The structure and approach of Kelly+Partners attracts talented and dedicated accountants, who in turn enable us to achieve excellent results for our clients in many complex and critical matters. 

At Kelly+Partners, our mission is simply to make our clients 'better off'.

Kind regards,

Brett Kelly

Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder

Senior Executives 

The experience of the Kelly+Partners Advisory Board Non-Executive Directors is extensive and diverse; investment management, investment banking, tax and accounting, legal practice, property interests, information technology, business management, philanthropy and private equity.

Brett Kelly 

Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 

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Pauline Michelakis

Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer

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Kenneth Ko

Group Finance Manager

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Brendan Lyons

Head of Corporate Development

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Other ways we make an effort to help our clients be 'better off'

We embrace change and are constantly challenging tradition because we have a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates. We do business differently to give you the edge.

Innovative CBD quality offices in all locations

Kelly+Partners CBD quality offices have revolutionised the traditional accountant’s presence in locations around Sydney. Team members and clients no longer have to travel to the CBD in order to access the very latest technology and ergonomically enabled environment that allows our teams to make a difference.

The eye-catching design was created to provide a better service and a more comfortable one-to-one experience.


Kelly+Partners has equipped their team members with mobile communications and computer technology so that they can service clients in a way that is seamless and proactive, and ensures clients always feel they can access the expertise they need when they need it.

The business uses the very latest cloud-enabled mobile computing platform giving an edge in making things happen for the team and clients.

Specialised Focus, Scale and Boutique Service

Kelly+Partners has the advantage of a unique insight into the private business, private client and families market, as that is where the business has always specialised. The strategy is laser focused to help the clients where we can make a material difference and this brings real insight to bear for our clients.

Award-winning website, app and online portal

kellypartners.com.au is regularly touted as one of the best in its industry.

Every firm, regardless of size, features specialist services, team members, photographs, local information, location maps and full colour brochures. 

Further, our online portal for clients is industry leading, offering:

  • electronic signing of documents
  • secure online payments
  • online statements.

In addition to our mobile-friendly website, we have created a fast, beautiful app, available on Android and iPhone

The app also synchronises with kellypartners.com.au allowing a seamless experience across multiple devices and computers, giving clients an additional advantage in working with our team with ease.

Kelly+Partners Minis

The unique and much-imitated Kelly+Partners Mini has become iconic on the streets of Sydney. Keep an eye out for our team as they move about helping leading businesses across Sydney.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to looking after the communities within which we live and work. To this end we have a massive commitment to organisations that make a difference in each area that we are located.

Integrity, credibility and professionalism

Kelly+Partners is a member of the following codes of practice. These memberships provide assurance that clients will receive the highest level of service.

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