Private Businesses

The beating heart of any business is the drive of its founder and the senior management team working together on a shared vision.

As a trusted advisor to private businesses, we share our clients’ drive to 'go somewhere'.

Kelly+Partners is the trusted advisor to some of Australia’s most successful private business owners across a large variety of industries. All of our senior Client Directors are business owners themselves, and bring that experience and understanding to assist our clients with their financial management, growth strategies and risk management.

How we engage with Private Businesses

The centrepiece of our service offering is the Kelly+Partners ‘Integrated Advice Model’ which is a proven system to assess and optimise the financial management of private businesses and their owners. Given that all private businesses are different, we first undertake a detailed review of their existing financial situation, and compile our recommendations in order to make the company and their owners 'better off'. 

The final step is to design and agree a ‘Flight Plan’ with each private business which sets out a clear pathway to: 

  1. get control of the financial universe
  2. understand the financial objectives
  3. achieve the financial goals.

Service Offering

We offer broad technical expertise including:

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