Kelly+Partners mission is simply to make our clients 'better off'.

Great people understanding your needs

With a deep understanding of the links between our clients’ personal and professional lives, Kelly+Partners offers a coordinated solution across a range of financial services: accounting, tax, superannuation, wealth management, estate-planning assistance and family office service.

Kelly+Partners will help assess and manage your complete financial universe: personally, for your business and for your family. The Client Director will be your point of contact, and will coordinate the delivery of services from the firm’s accountants and specialist advisors in an integrated manner. Knowing that your financial universe is optimised is tremendously valuable to business owners seeking long-term success.

Integrated Advice Model

The centrepiece of our service offering is the Kelly+Partners ‘Integrated Advice Model’, which is a proven system to assess and optimise the financial management of Private Businesses, Private Clients and Families.

This process culminates with our proprietary ‘Flight Plan’ framework which sets out a clear pathway to: 

  • gaining control of your financial universe
  • understanding your financial objectives
  • achieving your financial goals.


The Kelly+Partners philosophy is simple - to provide expert advice that is tailored to the client's unique personal and business circumstances.

Most people know they need an accountant for taxation purposes, but an accountant can do much more for your business. Good accountants are aware of the economic, legal and financial environment affecting you and your business, and use their knowledge and experience to anticipate changes and plan for survival and growth.

Because individuals and business owners become immersed in their day-to-day operations it is important to have an independent view of their personal and business situation. In order to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction from your professional advisors at Kelly+Partners we encourage our clients to note the following:

  1. 1 Understanding our clients' aspirations and detailed requirements is the key to our ability to deliver outstanding results.
  2. 2 Kelly+Partners don't want to be average advisors to our clients – we want to be great.
  3. 3 The success of our clients ensures the satisfaction and meaningfulness of the work Kelly+Partners advisors undertake.
  4. 4 In order to achieve the above, Kelly+Partners will give you outstanding service. Your Kelly+Partners advisors will show you the value of the efforts they are undertaking on your behalf.
  1. 5 Kelly+Partners advisors understand that everything delivered on behalf of a client must create value and that this value must be communicated.
  2. 6 Kelly+Partners choose their clients carefully after considering their position with respect to being able to add value to that client.
  3. 7 Kelly+Partners create value and charge a fee that represents excellent value for money.


Clients of Kelly+Partners often ask how we can do what seemed so difficult for their previous advisors. The answer is in the excellent service delivery.

We believe that the development of our process is indicative of the care we have for our clients. We don’t miss anything, because our approach is so thorough.

Process Image


Grow your connections through our network

With a thriving network of industry leaders, experts, influencers and pioneers, Kelly+Partners opens doors to many opportunities for clients.

Powerful insight, extensive connections and carefully crafted events inspire, empower and challenge our clients.

Whatever their background, industry or experience, Kelly+Partners clients innovate and change the game in their domains.


You're 'better off' with Kelly+Partners

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