Estate Office

Kelly+Partners Estate Office offers ultra-high net worth individuals and families of significant wealth direct oversight from a family member, trustee or administrator.

‘When you have seen one family office you have seen one family office.’ But Kelly+Partners Estate Office is something unique.

Every Estate Office is unique in its goals, structure and requirements as determined by the client.

Your Kelly+Partners Estate Office can be as individual as your own circumstances. The services provided are tailored to the unique needs of the specific family across generations of family members.

The services can include:

  • Assessment and Ongoing Performance Reviews of Investment Managers
  • Administrative Functions, such as Bookkeeping, Bill Paying and Mail Management
  • Comprehensive Financial Oversight of all Illiquid Financial Assets
  • Comprehensive Monthly Report of all Family/Estate Activity
  • Critical Document Management
  • Daily Management of all Liquid Financial Assets
  • Facilitation of Estate Planning
  • Family Governance Structures, Education and Intergenerational Planning
  • Philanthropy Advisory