Family Business

Kelly+Partners Family Business Consulting focuses on helping families manage and grow their businesses to build wealth for current and future generations.

The unique characteristics of a family business means we need to balance the social issues, family politics and family member expectations when advising our clients on business issues.

How Kelly+Partners helps family businesses get organised includes:

  • explaining and implementing processes that help families deal with the interaction of family owning, working in and/or controlling a business
  • providing tools that families can use such as family constitutions to help govern the family business
  • participating in and facilitating family meetings to ensure a better understanding of family issues versus business issues
  • developing strategies for inter-generational wealth transfer and estate management
  • planning for succession and exit from active businesses
  • tailoring family office services for high wealth families
  • assisting with recruitment of high quality talent.

We tailor solutions that are right for you

Our people are highly skilled and constantly trained to best understand the needs of each family business client. We know every family is different so we need to be flexible in how we deliver our services. One way we keep abreast of the latest ideas is through our association with Family Business Australia, whom we consider the principal organisation for families businesses.

For more information on our Family Business Consulting and how we can tailor a solution for you contact us now.

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