A family’s legacy is the outcome of its collective mission, values, vision and achievements across generations. It embodies the past and is the engine of the family today and its future tomorrow.

Since 1915, firms that are part of Kelly+Partners have been assisting significant families stay organised, develop and execute clear plans together with providing the clarity of reporting to know if they are on track.

While every family is different, their aspirations are often similar. Our process for understanding the driving mission and values of the family ensures we can assist with development of strategy and structure to deliver in today’s world, as well as being robust into the future.

From a simple desire to assist families maximise the best of themselves Kelly+Partners has grown to be Sydney’s leading partner to families of significant drive, cohesion and wealth.

How we engage with families

The Kelly+Partners approach commences with assisting the family to understand its history, collate its achievements and build a financial record of how its wealth and position has been accumulated over time. From this starting point the mission, vision and values are agreed. From there the team assists in reviewing the existing strategy and structure with the family to ensure it is current and suitable. This process is recorded in a detailed governing document called a Family Charter to provide a blueprint that helps inform future decision making.

Kelly+Partners can assist families in a way which will help inform their future decision making.

Service Offering

  • Assistance with Valuation Initiation, Review and Advice
  • Bookkeeping, Payments and Administration
  • Critical Document Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Business Consulting
  • Family Charter
  • Family Governance, Education and Leadership
  • Family Office Services
  • Finance
  • Intergenerational Planning
  • M&A Transaction Services
  • Philanthropy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Tax Consulting
  • Structuring for Wealth Protection
  • Tax and Accounting Compliance 
  • Trustee and Estate Services

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