Real Estate

Business today demands professionals with specific industry expertise. Kelly+Partners professionals, for more than 25 years, have provided that in-depth and pro-active service to participants in the real estate industry. Clients include commercial and residential property managers, real estate agencies, investors, developers, construction companies, commercial and residential builders.

Specialist real estate services

Our Real Estate Assurance & Consulting Services group consists of people who have expertise, experience and enthusiasm in the real estate industry and who can add value to your business outcomes.

The team serves clients' interests nationally with the following services:

  • audit of trust accounts (real estate, legal etc)
  • audit of statements of recoverable outgoings of commercial properties
  • audit of statements of recoverable outgoings of shopping centres
  • audit of commercial property trust accounts and owners corporation/strata plans
  • provision of specialist taxation advice including structuring, income tax, CGT, GST, stamp duty and land tax consequences of acquiring, holding, developing, building on, leasing, disposing of or otherwise dealing with land and buildings
  • reviews of accounting systems, taxation and strategic process improvement.

Kelly+Partners delivers:

Kelly+Partners contributes to the success of your business by providing specialist real estate services that deliver:

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