Professional Services Firms

Often those who operate in Professional Services Firms are so busy working in the business – as accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects or the like – that they have no time to best manage the business and improve the personal wealth situation of their partners in the business and themselves. At Kelly+Partners we specialise in making sure that the business owner’s entire financial universe is taken care of through our tailored system and our deep understanding, experience and expertise in maximising the performance of the professional services firm.

Kelly+Partners exists to serve, we help our people and clients to achieve their potential.

Our Professional Services Firms team specifically help the owners of the Firm manage and grow their businesses to build wealth for current and future generations. The unique characteristics of a Professional Services Firm means we need to balance the owners issues, firm short and long term requirements, succession planning, acquisitions and the like to meet the firm's objectives.

How Kelly+Partners helps professional services firms get organised includes:

  • strategy development, implementation and reporting
  • people attraction, development and retention advice
  • process development and execution advice
  • explaining and implementing processes that help manage the interaction of Partners
  • advice re governance and structure
  • participating in and facilitating Board meetings
  • planning for succession and exit from active businesses
  • tax advisory tailored to the Firm and its Partners.

We tailor solutions that are right for you

Our people are highly skilled and constantly trained to best understand the needs of Professional Services Firms. We know every Firm is different so we need to be flexible in how we deliver our services.

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