Motor Dealers

Kelly+Partners specialises in providing forward looking advice to Private Business Owners. Our tailored system enables us to help Motor Dealer Owners get their business and personal financial universe organised and ensures that advice is delivered pro-actively.

Specialist Motor Dealer services

Kelly+Partners Motor Dealer services team has worked with numerous dealerships over 20 years. This experience ensures our best practice services remain at the forefront of this competitive and fast-changing industry. Our team is committed to helping owners improve business profitability and to consistently deliver critical dealership services such as:

  • assistance with franchise, dealership or site acquisition or disposal
  • dealership valuation for equity participants, finance raising, changes in ownership, and compulsory acquisition preparation assistance with funding and finance applications
  • dealership functionality through progressive dealership operational reviews
  • best practice performance evaluations
  • minimising Fringe Benefits Tax using better compliance sales management systems using our GST flowchart
  • fraud prevention programs
  • strategic advice
  • employee incentive scheme.

We also provide new dealer advocacy services to avoid the following traps:

  • target selection and notification
  • due diligence reviews
  • LMCT and finance proposals
  • manufacturer and distributor proposals
  • contacts anywhere in the motor dealer industry and all related areas.

Private Business Owner focus

As the leading advisors to Private Business Owners, Kelly+Partners is uniquely positioned to help dealer owners get their businesses and their personal wealth organised in a coordinated fashion. This owner-focused service model means that the business is viewed as the means to building wealth for the owner and not an end in itself.

  • asset protection
  • tax management
  • retirement planning
  • wealth management.

Strategic analysis (owner and business)

Kelly+Partners Senior Client Directors regard forward-looking advice as a crucial part of the relationship with our clients. This unique focus is undertaken for all clients, one on one, and away from their dealership. It takes a few hours and involves a degree of frankness and self-awareness. It helps the owner set the future path for the business, the owner and the wealth of the family.

The planning focuses on:

  • target selection and notification
  • profit improvement
  • business management and strategy
  • succession planning
  • inter-generational wealth transition.

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