Where does inspiration come from? - By Brett Kelly

As I sat down to write this introduction to our second issue I was seeking the answers to the two questions above. I was also seeking inspiration as to what message I wanted to communicate to our many readers in this edition, when and could be captured in a single word – inspire. 

As a verb ‘inspire’ signals action, an occurrence, or a state of being. I considered its description, its meaning and its relevance to all of us – not just in business or commerce but in our daily lives, and interactions with family, friends and the broader community. I also considered the powerful role that inspiration provides as we look to external sources that might inspire our own behaviour and goal setting. 

To me, being inspired means looking externally, constantly searching for clues, stories and examples that will allow me to set new goals, move in new directions, new experience new things. Inspiration of course can also be a two-way street. We seek out inspiration from others, but we also inspire others through our actions. 

Our colleagues, our family and friends and, yes, even those we meet in business – we all have the capacity to inspire them through our words and deeds. Inspiration or being inspired makes us all strive to achieve more and, if not successful, at least we know we have given it our best shot. Leo Burnett, one of American advertising’s legends, founded a highly successful business and global advertising agency on a single inspirational maxim: ‘When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.’ 

Within our three key topics of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise you’ll discover what others have achieved, how they did it and what pitfalls they had to overcome – everything from getting fitter and healthier to becoming wiser and wealthier.