Healthy recipes to accelerate your day - Tuna accelerator salad

Healthy workplaces can help to make businesses more productive and employees more engaged. Therefore, promoting and supporting health in the workplace is not only common sense, but it makes good business sense too.

Here are some facts and figures about the positive benefits a workplace health program could have in the workplace:

  • It has been estimated that the healthiest Australian employees are three times more productive at work than their colleagues.
  • The increase in preventable disease and workplace injury resulting from unhealthy living is a major cause of workplace absence or disruption.
  • Lifestyle risk factors such as smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet, inactivity and excess body weight can contribute to time away from work.
  • Loss in productivity due to obesity through absenteeism, attending work when sick and premature death is estimated to cost $6.4 billion a year.

Tuna Accelerator Salad

Nutritional Info

(per single serve)

  • Carbs: 8.4g
  • Protein: 27.8g
  • Fat: 1.8g


(serves 1)

  • 25g tuna in spring water
  • 50g yellow capsicum
  • 50g cherry tomatoes
  • 50g cucumber
  • 60g mixed salad leaves
  • 50g celery


1. Chop all salad ingredients and toss them together before serving on a plate

2. Layer tuna on top, season with salt and pepper, and enjoy