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Kelly+Partners is the only boutique firm that offers the full range of direct, indirect and international tax services.These include Income Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, Research and Development, Goods and Services Tax, Australia-wide Stamp Duties, Payroll Tax, Land Tax, superannuation, transfer pricing, Government grants, and Customs.

Kelly+Partners Tax Consulting Group

Kelly+Partners Tax Consulting group has developed a number of innovative ways to help you build a more profitable, stronger business by managing your total tax risk.

Our tax experts will not only help you to identify and understand your tax risks and liabilities across your entire business and family structure but will also, through sound tax governance strategies, assist you in minimising your tax liabilities. We work closely with you to customise a unique solution that will help you to proactively manage your tax affairs, reduce your liabilities and manage your corporate tax governance.

Businesses usually need advice on more than one area of tax. Our teams comprise a core group of Kelly+Partners taxation experts, each with a wealth of tax knowledge and experience across the entire tax spectrum.

You will have the convenience of working with a group of experts who know both your business and its tax issues very well. It also ensures that our advice is consistent and specifically calibrated to take into account all the taxes that potentially impact your business.

Our taxation experts are viewed as leaders in their field. This, together with a rigorous ongoing training and development regimen, ensures our tax experts are well placed to provide our clients with current and best practice tax solutions.

Our expertise

Direct Tax

We will assist you to understand the tax consequences of your business decisions and how changes to direct tax rules affect your business.

Our direct tax advice and strategies have assisted many businesses to optimise their tax position. In particular, we can assist you with:

  • reasonably arguable position files
  • capital raisings, floats and due diligence
  • reorganisations
  • tax consolidation
  • tax implications of mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  • preparation of applications for private rulings
  • preparation of objections
  • tax audits
  • negotiation with the Australian Taxation Office
  • tax risk management
  • tax compliance
  • general tax advice
  • strategic tax advice.

International Tax

The global nature of business and labour has brought about a complex and growing number of tax issues for businesses. Keeping on top of those issues, as well as planning and implementing effective tax strategies to minimise risk, is very challenging.

Kelly+Partners Tax Consulting’s experts have innovative strategies and proven skills in managing international tax issues.

They can assist you with:

  • international tax management
  • expatriate services
  • inward or outward bound international tax services
  • cross-border indirect taxes
  • transfer pricing.

Our association with One Geneva Group International, one of the largest associations of professional service firms, gives our clients access to professionals in 123 countries.

Indirect Tax

There are a number of ways in which Kelly+Partners have helped clients manage their indirect tax commitments. We have implemented a number of innovative tax ideas that have significantly reduced our clients indirect tax liabilities and managed their risk.

We regularly deal with the Australian Taxation Office and various State and Territory Offices of State Revenue on your behalf so you can stay focused on your business.

We can assist you by submitting private ruling requests, objections and appeals, and with dispute resolution.

We also prepare briefs to barristers to advise and provide commercial negotiation support and lobbying services for businesses and individual clients.

Kelly+Partners Indirect Tax services comprise:

  • goods and services tax
  • Australia-wide stamp duties
  • payroll tax
  • land tax
  • customs and excise
  • fuel taxes, including diesel and alternative fuel grants
  • fuel tax credits
  • luxury car tax
  • wine equalisation tax
  • cross-border transactions, including international
  • value added tax
  • fringe benefits tax
  • research and development
  • government grants

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