Outsourced CFO

Kelly+Partners Outsourced CFO helps business owners focus on their business by replacing the existing finance functionality and providing a tailored, expert service at a fraction of the cost.

What Outsourced CFO can offer your business

Online accounts and integration

Are your accounts accessible from anywhere at any time? Leveraging modern technology to maintain your accounts online and to have access 24/7 to help drive efficiency. Your accounting system should synchronise with your bank account and talk to your CRM and other management systems. It should allow you to email invoices instantly and provide an automated collection system for those clients not paying within their trading terms.


Are you struggling with payroll? Your staff should receive payslips every payday that allow them to track their superannuation and leave entitlements. Accurate calculation of PAYG Withholding Tax will prevent you and your staff from getting a nasty surprise when they lodge their personal tax return. Do you even know if Payroll Tax applies to your business and how consultants and contractors may affect Payroll Tax?


Do you have a system for managing creditors? Your accounts payable should be up to date so you know your liabilities in real time. Streamlining the process of capturing your creditors, automated recording of transactions and archiving invoices electronically will drive efficiency. Paying creditors is often a tedious time-consuming process. We can assist you to efficiently pay creditors online in batches and send remittances electronically.

BAS and tax compliance

Are your taxes accurate and paid on time? We can help you access a 4-week BAS extension to improve your working capital requirements. It is essential you have future ATO payments in your forward-looking Cash Flow and you do tax planning every year to ensure you pay the least amount of tax possible.

Budgets and forecast

Cash is King. Do you have forward-looking forecasts and budgets? Your business should have a 12-month projected Cash Flow and a process for weekly or monthly management. It should allow you to measure performance against budget and monitor your Key Performance Indicators.

Relevant reporting

Do you have an accurate picture of your financial position at all times? For many, accounting has become an after-hours job. The delivery of meaningful financial reports in a timely way is often on the ‘to-do’ list but gets missed. Timely reports can drive far better decision making.

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