Growth Consulting

Grow Program is Kelly+Partners' high level, strategic business course designed to grow your sales, income and turn your business into a highly saleable asset.

It's not the big who beat the small anymore, but the fast who beat the slow.

If your business is still not performing the way you expect, or you would like to take a step-back to re-think your processes and improve, then join Kelly+Partners Grow Program, starting in February 2017.

Over 8 monthly sessions, you will dissect and discuss proven business strategies and theories and apply them to your business. Many of the strategies that you will learn, have been applied successfully to Kelly+Partners and many other successful businesses. 

If you would like to discuss with me, how Grow Program will benefit your business, please contact Duncan or Brett.

Why Grow Program?

Andrew Simmons - Founder, Vision Personal Training 

Scott Evans - Managing Director, Game Farm

Louise Cordina - Cordina Group

Bryan Murphy - Colour Smart Solutions 

Jim Aitken - Founder, Aitken & Partners

Steve Trevor - Founder, FlameSafe

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