Kelly+Partners provides expertise in estate and succession services across the transition from the current baby boomer owners to a next generation.

More than two-thirds of working Australians are employed by small and medium term business, many of which are private companies. Over the next two decades, more than half of these businesses are likely to require a transition from the current baby-boomer founders to the next generation of owners.
The management of this complex process via an effective & diligent process to deliver a seamless transition is absolutely critical for many private business owners.
The business succession process involves a number of critical questions around:

  • Transfer of ownership
  • Finance
  • Tax impact
  • Legal structuring
  • Business & asset valuation
  • Risk mitigation
  • Wealth protection
  • Supplier and customer management
  • Staff retention and incentivisation
  • Preferred timing.

When you combined these issues with the substantial emotional issues involved, genuine experienced expertise is required from advisers that can effectively manage the transition. At Kelly+Partners, our core expertise includes knowledge of the process and management required to deliver the desired outcomes for all key stakeholders during a business succession event. We also understand that an excellent financial outcome is not the sole objective, and that business and family coherence also matters acutely.

Our systematic and personalised approach ensures:

  • clarity for key stakeholders
  • shared mission and vision of the family group
  • understanding the family outcomes and individual family member needs (financial and other)
  • financial requirements of all parties
  • estate planning that incorporates all relevant matters


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