Global Connectivity

Kelly+Partners GGI Independent member

GGI – your gateway to a global network of professional services

In order to better service our client base on a global basis, Kelly+Partners has formed an alliance with Geneva Group International (GGI) based in Switzerland.

GGI is a worldwide alliance of well-established and experienced accounting, consulting, and law firms that are committed to providing clients with specialist solutions for their international business requirements. To achieve this, the GGI network provides talented specialists in all geographies and specialties, with 538 member firms across 736 offices in 120 countries. Founded over 20 years ago, GGI is ranked 1st globally as the Largest Multi-Disciplinary Association of Professionals, and ranked 6th globally in the Top Networks & Associations by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales.

As a member of the GGI network, Kelly+Partners is able to provide considered advice and local solutions on a global scale. This includes areas such as accounting regulations, tax & compliance, legal frameworks, corporate structuring, wealth management, asset ownership, estate planning, market access, and cross-border issues. 

This unique service applies whether you are looking for business opportunities beyond national boundaries or need international support in addition to services in your home market.

Hong Kong office

Since opening in 2016, our Hong Kong office provides a range of services to our clients primarily centered around bookkeeping and finance functions. For more information, please contact our Hong Kong office.

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